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Reality is a flow of images. Behind these apparitions, often and willingly, there is an impressive conceptual void. This drift is certainly due to a decline in the subsistence of the being who has found in the dictatorship of the social the only handhold to accompany an intoxicating end. In such a conjuncture, the image must be continually rethought in order not to make the same end. The photographs have now reached a planetary level of influence that is reaching uncontrollable peaks. Joan Fontcuberta's book investigates primarily the effects of these images in the daily life of all of us. From verbal communicators, our mobile phones have become iconic and visual advocates. Moreover, photography, linked since its inception to an idea of truth, is transforming into post photography, bearer of social upheavals still difficult to exemplify. This flow gives certain artists the opportunity to immerse themselves in it and detect an aesthetic gap. According to the author, access and excess to/from this magma are the fulcrum of many current researches. We have lost control of the images. We have the task, not only from an aesthetic point of view, to regain possession of it.


Joan Fontcuberta

La furia de las imàgenes Notas sobre la postfotografìa

Einaudi, 2018