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Donald Thompson. The orange balloon dog. Bubbles, turmoil and avarice in the contemporary art market

Understanding how art is linked to the blind materiality of living is hard for non-experts. Understanding quickly how this illusion is denied more and more every day is too easy for insiders. This book further clarifies how the world of artworks. All the financial equipment hidden behind the various auctions, now not too hidden, has the ability to make certain typical features of contemporary aesthetic research, unattainable to the contingency. Art is an increasingly gloomy mirror of all those economic groups that dominate our lives and that yearn to grab, to the sound of large investments, certain pieces. The book has the peculiarity of telling with abundance of various situations, that have occurred in this circumstance, such as court cases or cases of forgery. Museums have lost their educational aspect for those who cannot afford certain masterpieces and they are increasingly succubus of finance. It does not go better with the various foundations or when various cases of the perverse union between art and fashion are exemplified. The network seems to have given some freedom to those who do not travel on the usual tracks but, at the moment, it still seems to have a lot of work to be done.

- Stefano Taddei


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