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Combat Prize eleventh edition kicks off

COMBAT PRIZE is back! The international contest for contemporary art, organised by the cultural Association Blob Art, will inaugurate its eleventh edition on 10th October 2020.

In partnership with the Municipality of Livorno, and with the support of the Foundation Livorno and of the publishing house Sillabe, the exhibition of the 80 finalist works will unfold across three exceptional locations. The Painting section will be hosted at the Granai of Villa Mimbelli; the Sculpture, Installation and Video sections will instead be exhibited at SAC – Spazio Arte Contemporanea; the Museum Giovanni Fattori of Livorno will host the Photography, together with the brand-new section entirely dedicated to Drawing. In the latter venue will also take place the award ceremony on 31st October.

Granai di Villa Mimbelli
Granai di Villa Mimbelli

The boom in registrations [1.402] and participations from abroad – 46 countries – confirm 2020 as a record edition. In fact, to the usual cash prizes for each of the five sections of the competition, a new award is added, sponsored by Blob Art Association, which will allow the winner to exhibit his artworks in 2021 for a solo exhibition at SAC, Spazio Arte Contemporanea di Livorno, together with a dedicated editorial publication. Moreover, two more projects consolidate this year: ART TRACKER, a project which will include three finalists under 35 in the programme of Lucca Art Fair 2021, with an original curatorial project, and the prize POLIART, sponsored by the homonymous company, leader in the processing of expanded polystyrene, which will support the winner in producing his/her sculpture or installation.

SAC spazio arte contemporanea
SAC spazio arte contemporanea

No age limits are set nor any thematic restriction to the much-awaited Livornese contest which gives voice to the emerging talents and to the most innovative artistic experiments. Despite the postponement due to the world health emergency, Combat Prize comes back on the front line, documenting the debate among new expressive trends and provocations that since 2009 bring together, in this event, the artists answers to the political, social and human contradictions of our contemporaneity.

The project Combat 2020 is also the privileged space of internationally renowned artists who decided to support it through the desecrating drive of their research: this is the case of Regina José Galindo, the Guatemalan performer, exhibiting El Gran Rétorno as out-of-competition artist for the Video section. Her backwards military march, through the streets of Guatemala City - that ideally become the streets of the world - is a black parade having little triumphal, and being much closer to the funeral of society silenced with strength than to the celebration of its freedom.

El Gran Rétorno - courtesy Regina José Galindo
El Gran Rétorno - courtesy Regina José Galindo

Combat Prize 2020 confirms its unmissable appointment in the panorama of contemporary art events at world level, croassroads between people, discussions and reflections on possible and tangible streets, that art will take up in the future.

- Serena Tacchini


Kiki Mazzucchelli IndEpendent curator, London - Sao Paulo; Lorenzo Balbi Director of MAMbo, Bologna; Francesca Baboni Independent curator; Andrea Bruciati Director of Villa Adriana & Villa d’Este, Tivoli; CampoBase Curatorial collective composed by Irene Angenica, Bianca Buccioli, Emanuele Carlenzi, Gabriella Dal Lago, Ginevra Ludovici, Federica Torgano, Stefano Volpato; Stefano Taddei Independent curator.


Painting Section

Afra17, Nicolò Bruno, Gian Marco Capraro, Francesco Casati, Giulia Coda, Oscar Isaias Contreras Rojas, Leonardo Dalla Torre, Jingge Dong, Noemi Durighello, Greta Maria Gerosa, Cesare Giuffredi, Tommaso Giusti, Arvin Golrokh, Heikedine Günter, Mirjam Hinn, Ashleigh Holmes, Kazuhiro Kita, Luca Migliorino, Luisa Me, Marco Mastropieri, Elena Monzo, Francis Offman, Silvia Paci, Laura Pedizzi, Nazzarena Poli Maramotti, Eleonora Rinaldi, Gregorio Samsa, Ersilia Sarrecchia, Davide Serpetti, Alina Vergnano

Drawing Section

Matthew Attard, Veronica Azzinari, Giulia Dall’olio, Elena Latini, Stefano Lepori, Pierpaolo Miccolis, Stefan Milosavljevic, Giuliana Tommasin, Angela Viola, David Von Bassewitz

Photography Section

Pauline Batista, Petros Chrisostomou, Alessandro Costanzo, Giulia Dari, Cesare Di Liborio, Greta di Lorenzo, Federica Coseschi, Brigitte Gaggl, Brendon Kahn, Pia Kintrup, Pietro Mancini, Gabriele Milani, Rachele Montoro, Jacopo Noera, Alicia Paz, Lia Ronchi, Roberta Segata, Thilo Seidel, Ivan Terranova, Cristiano Volk

Sculpture/Installation Section

Riccardo Bellelli, Erika Giacalone, Giulio Locatelli, Giulia Maiorano, Lucas Memmola, Paolo Bufalini, Paolo Peroni, Andreas Senoner, Agnese Spolverini, Ricardo Aleodor Venturi

Video Section

Elena Arzuffi, Giovanni Chiamenti, Margherita Citi, Iocose, Mahnaz Khanpour Motazedi, Leoni Mastrangelo, Christina Maj Lundqvist, Aronne Pleuteri, Valentino Russo, [Guest artist] Regina José Galindo


Museo civico Giovanni Fattori - Photography - Drawing Section

Via S. Jacopo In Acquaviva, 65, Livorno

+39 0586 – 808001/ 824607

From tuesday to sunday: 10.00 – 13.00; 16.00 – 19.00

Granai di Villa Mimbelli - Painting Section

Via S. Jacopo In Acquaviva 65, Livorno

+39 0586 – 808001/ 824607

From tuesday to friday: 16.00 - 19.00;

Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 - 13.00 / 16.00 – 19.00

SAC - Spazio Arte Contemporanea - Sculpture/Installation - Video Section

Via Luigi Boccherini 22, Livorno

+39 0586 – 8881165

From tuesday to sunday: 10.00 – 13.00; 16.00 – 19.00


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